Supported by 300+ cleanup groups & individuals

You can now join cleanup groups or create your own to gather efforts to make your neighborhood litter free

Features that makes CSFN app different!

This app is made from litter pickers for litter pickers. Meaningful discussions one on one with different users across the globe are the result of these features.


Measure impact

Measure your collections with precision using bags for volume and KG for weight in such an easy way


It is Gamified

Level up your profile, discover endangered animals the more you clean.


Community centered

Join a group of litter pickers from your local area, or create your own!


World Map

See the stats of every country, explore the map and get to know likeminded people.

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See how far we get if we act together!

Don’t be discouraged, every piece matters, every bag does make a difference. At the CSFN app we piled up these efforts and translate them into meaningful impact for your, for the wildlife and your neighbors.

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How it works? 3 easy steps

In comparison to other apps in the market, here you’ll see how easy the process to post a cleanup is with the CSFN app

  • Pick up litter

    Go out there and fill up your bag of trash.


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  • Take photos

    Show how the area was before/after the cleanup


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  • Enter data

    Set the bags, the location, tag your friends and post it!


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Group feature

If you are a cleanup group, this is the perfect place to manage your cleanups, your volunteers and to extract the data through reports at any time! The efforts of all your volunteers are grouped under the umbrella of your organization.

  • Every cleanup is possible

    You can organize cleanups as a group and tag all the participants during the event. The group will gather all the KG and the participants with have their share.

  • Dedicate cleanups to your favorite group

    Litter picker can tag groups during their solo-cleanup efforts to show respect to the group. As a result, these KG will add up to the counter of the group’s profile.

  • Reports to validate your efforts

    Share your efforts with others thanks to the CSFN reports. Filter by any time you need, a year, a month, or chose yourself between 2 specific days.

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Available worldwide in different languages

Both organizations & individuals play a key role in the CSFN app. Discover how likeminded heroes from across the world take action to remove litter from nature, join us in this mission, no matter the ethnics, origins, or education barriers.

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