More than a cleanup movement we are a group of conscious citizens who take action and achieve global changes! Connected through the CSFN app 📲

• Create value by cleaning & recycling

• Benefit 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 & 🌍

With this movement we want to achieve a real change in the world that starts within each one‘s actions. We aim to wake up our inner consciousness and take our own decisions focused on a common living wealth.

The world’s population has passed from 1,6 Billion habitants in 1900 to 7,8 bn today, this means that we have grown x4 in less than 2 generations. Our specie as Homo sapiens exists since 200K years and it has taken only 100 years to reach this figure. Also, now the carbon footprint of each human is exponentially bigger than those of our grandparents. The tendency is not sustainable.

Most of us know about the serious damages that our society model has on the Earth. However, we as individuals, do not take enough actions to reverse this situation, or at least not the vast majority of us. Here CSFN starts! 🌲

CSFN is a social movement that pursues a living improvement for every one of us and for the world itself through an app. The CSFN mobile app wants to let each person be the change by literally cleaning trash from wild 🌄 and natural areas while keeping track of their achievements 🥳.

Summing up, the project is based on 3 tasks:

1. Collect the trash by yourself.

2. Measure the amount of trash.

3. Set the geolocation on the map & share it!

Once you’ve finished, you can take a look at the place you’ve cleaned (before/after) and your cleanup is already created on the app! Furthermore, you’ll be able to see how many KG ⚖️ or bags 🗑️ you or your community has collected on a timeline-diagram. Attend cleanup events near you or create your own to connect with other litter pickers. The features are intuitive, easy and you’ll see how your avatar evolves along this journey in form of different wild animals going through a truly gamified experience.

Clean Something For Nothing’s Instagram page is our main tool to display the cleanups from all of you, because you are the main characters of this movement. Changes become real when people are concerned and act consecuently! From cleaners to cleaners. Thank you for being the change, lets #cleansomethingfornothing #CSFN.

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This is a free joining project where we act as a community for our own good and for everyone’s welfare. There is no big firms or corporations behind the keyboard, just volunteers from all across the globe who work together to pursue a living improvement.

Being part of our community?

If you want to collaborate with the movement or be part of our Beta testing group, do not hesitate to write us and we'll discuss it 🌎

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