December 25, 2023

Erik Alström’s plogging to a cleaner planet

In the serene landscapes of northern Sweden, a movement was born, one that seamlessly blends fitness with environmental stewardship. This movement, known as Plogging, is the brainchild of Erik Alström, a visionary who saw the potential in transforming a simple jog into a planet-saving activity.

The Genesis of Plogging

Erik Alström’s journey began in Åre, a small ski resort in Sweden. His routine walks to work or the supermarket were often accompanied by a simple yet impactful act – picking up litter. Alström understood the importance of a clean environment and felt compelled to act. This personal commitment soon transformed into organized community clean-up events, laying the foundation for what would become a global phenomenon.

Plogging Takes Stockholm

Alström’s move to Stockholm marked a pivotal point in his journey. Confronted by the city’s litter problem, he realized the need for a scalable solution. By integrating his passion for trail running with litter collection, Plogging was born – a fun, engaging, and environmentally beneficial activity.

The Power of a Name

The term “Plogging,” coined by Alström’s girlfriend, captured the essence of the activity – a combination of ‘plocka upp’ (Swedish for ‘pick up’) and jogging. The simplicity and catchiness of the name played a crucial role in its widespread adoption.

Erik Alström Plogging in Nature

Erik Alström leading a Plogging session

Plogging’s Global Impact

As Plogging gained momentum, it caught the attention of a German production company, leading to international exposure. The concept was translated into multiple languages, and Alström found himself at the center of a rapidly expanding movement. He began receiving emails from people worldwide eager to start their own Plogging groups.

The Plogga High Five

Alström emphasizes the “Plogga High Five” – five reasons why Plogging is essential. These include promoting physical activity, addressing the plastic crisis in our oceans, protecting wildlife, reducing public cleaning costs, and fostering community trust in clean environments.

The Future of Plogging

Alström’s vision goes beyond just cleaning up trash. He advocates for measuring the environmental impact of Plogging, such as calculating the CO2 emissions saved by preventing litter from degrading in nature. His message is clear – Plogging is not just about cleaning up our trash; it’s about taking responsibility for our planet.

Erik Alström’s Plogging initiative is more than just a fitness trend; it’s a call to action for environmental consciousness. It represents a simple yet powerful way to make a difference, proving that small actions can lead to significant change. As Alström says, “It’s not our trash, but it’s our planet.”


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