December 26, 2022

Pune Ploggers 🇮🇳

📍Pune, Maharashtra (India 🇮🇳)
⚖️ Hundreds of KG
💚 Now using the CSFN app 🌲📲

Today we move to Pune city in West India 🇮🇳 to meet a likeminded group of 10.000 friends 🫂 the @puneploggers and its founder Mr. Vivek @theplogman.
We had the pleasure to discuss with him and down below, you’ll get to know more about Vivek and pune ploggers’ mission from his own words

“Every individual matters, every action counts in the race💨 to fight climate change. Pune Ploggers is on a mission to ensure every individual understands the consequences of climate change and adopts a responsible lifestyle ♻️ that has minimal negative impact on the environment. We wish to achieve the goal of sustainability by coming together as a community 👨‍👩‍👦‍👦 which is inclusive and a safe space 🌲 for everyone. We have made litter picking a fun activity and that has brought more than 10,000 ploggers to our community.

Cleanups are an important way to realize and realign the reality of waste management 🗑 in the real world. We pick-up litter to sensitize ourselves and retrospect why reduce, reuse, refurbish are the major R’s ®️ for revival of polluted environment. It starts with cleanups and becomes a lifelong journey of choosing the right path of life 🌍💚”

With this beautiful mission we close the litter heroe’s stories for 2022. We can’t wait for 2023 to launch the tribe feature of the CSFN app 📲 👨‍👩‍👦‍👦. Love to share inspiring content from you guys that are already changing the world, making it a cleaner place for all 👨‍👩‍👦‍👦🦌🌲 a better planet 🌍

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