The CSFN picking app is a powerful CSR tool that helps your company organize and track clean-ups while communicating effectively afterwards. With the CSFN app, you can engage with your employees or join forces with other companies to achieve litter picking goals together. The app also provides impact tracking and reporting features to succesfully communicate about these actions on social media.

Our services assist you in devising an effective activation and communication plan to maximize the benefits of your cleanups. Organize a cleanup for a day, week, or month and witness the significant impact you can make by cleaning up the environment. You need to find a trashy spot of your choice. Find an apropiate date for this purpose such as the Earth Day, the Environment day or the World Cleanup Day to start your campaign and lead by exemple.

See the benefits of our CSR program

  • Engage employees

    CSR boosts employee engagement, leading to a 17% increase in productivity, 21% higher profitability, and 41% lower absenteeism. Engaged employees cost businesses about $500 billion annually, and volunteering opportunities further engage and encourage them.

  • Support communities

    CSR empowers individuals to make a substantial positive impact on local and global communities. By aligning CSR with company values, businesses can create a meaningful difference.

  • Increase revenue

    CSR drives a 6% higher market value and generates 20% more revenue compared to companies without social purpose investments, according to Project ROI. Demonstrating a positive return on investment (ROI) is crucial in gaining leadership buy-in.

  • Attract investments

    Global sustainable investment now exceeds $30 trillion, up 68% since 2014. The shift toward sustainable investing, highlighted by influential firms like BlackRock and Marshall Wace, offers opportunities for investment and aligns with corporations' long-term prospects.

  • Build customer loyalty

    Consistent CSR showcases trustworthiness, leading to increased customer loyalty and higher sales. Research shows that a majority of Americans prefer to buy from companies aligned with their values and are willing to pay extra for products from socially responsible companies.

  • Gain positive press

    Impactful CSR generates excellent press coverage, enhancing brand awareness and online affinity. Authenticity is key, as CSR initiatives must align with a company's mission and values to avoid being seen as greenwashing.

  • Attract and retain talent

    Good CSR initiatives contribute to employer branding, making it easier to attract and retain talent. Gen Z and millennial workers prioritize CSR when choosing employers, with a significant percentage willing to take pay cuts for socially responsible companies. A positive corporate reputation and engaging CSR programs also reduce turnover, develop talent, and improve leadership skills.

Find your cleanup for your corporate needs


Looking to take your company’s global cleanup efforts to the next level? Our app is the perfect solution! With the ability to coordinate cleanups across multiple branches from anywhere in the world, you can make a big impact on the environment while bringing your team together. Each location is responsible for posting their cleanup activity and tagging your company group, giving you real-time insight into the progress being made about how much, who, where and when litter has been collected. Plus, all of this is stored conveniently within your profile, making it easy to manage and share with your team.

HAND IN HAND cleanup

You get together with another company to clean up on the same spot. You meet all together, roll up your sleeves and start to squat and take action while making a possitive impact. The admin of the group is in charge to post the cleanup on the CSFN app tagging every participant involved and the groups involved.

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