The ‘Letz Clean Gemeng Miersch’ initiative is our way of stepping up for a better world. Our actions today have the power to shape a healthier commune and a brighter future for our kids. This isn’t just about littering; it’s about building a community that cares, that’s aware, and that takes action towards a cleaner neighbourhood.


📍 In Luxembourg we have 1.6 KG of wild waste per cápita, a year.

🛣️ 100 to 200 KG of litter are collected per 1 km of road every year in Luxembourg. (see report)

💰 In Luxembourg, roadside cleaning costs reach about 1.2 million euros per year.

🐠 By 2050, our oceans could have more plastic than fish (80% comes from land) 


Be Mindful Consumers: Reflect on our consumption habits. Less waste generated means less litter.

Adopt a ‘No Litter’ Policy: Every piece of trash properly disposed of counts.

Join Community Cleanups: Let’s get together and clean up our neighborhood. It’s more fun together!

Teach and Share: Talk to your friends and family about keeping Mersch clean.

Use the CSFN App: Spot a littered spot? Report it. Cleaned up something? Share it.


Participate in the “Lëtz Clean Gemeng Miersch” challenge. Together, let’s fight litter with the CSFN app:
– 🗑️ Pick up trash during your outdoor activities.
– ⚠️ Report litter by taking a photo in the “alerts” section.
Let’s contribute to making Mersch greener and cleaner. Every action counts!
Goal: 500 Kg of trash collected
Rewards: Guided tour, swimming pool tickets, local gift card.
Date and place: From 23/03/2024 to 12/31/2024 – Municipality of Mersch.

How does it work?

This is how easy you use the CSFN app

  • Go outside

    Go out and look for a littered area


    Step image
  • Photograph a littered area

    "Flash the trash"


    Step image
  • Post in CSFN app

    Post an alert with a photo or share your cleaning action after picking up the trash


    Step image

Download the app! Join the challenge

Participate in the challenge to preserve Mersch's cleanliness. Choose your role: be a guardian mapping litter or engage directly in collecting trash and beautifying our area. United, we'll create a litter-free commune!

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