December 22, 2023

Grouss Botz 2024: Luxembourg’s Spring Cleanup

As we approach March 16, 2024, Luxembourg is gearing up for the most traditional environmental event – Grouss Botz 2024. This annual cleanup is more than just a community effort; it is a testament to our collective commitment to a cleaner and healthier Luxembourg. Consequently, we invite everyone to join this crucial initiative starting from your neigbourhood.

What is Grouss Botz?

Essentially, Grouss Botz, which means ‘Big Clean’ in Luxembourgish, is an event where citizens, businesses, schools, and NGOs collaborate to beautify our environment. From urban areas to rural landscapes, the whole country engages in this global mission to clean up litter and notify illegal dumping in Luxembourg.

For the year 2024, Grouss Botz is also focusing on raising awareness about sustainability and waste management. Therefore, we aim to involve more volunteers and collect an unprecedented amount of waste making the biggest environmental impact to date.

Your Participation Matters

By joining in Grouss Botz 2024, you are making a bold statement of environmental responsibility. Furthermore, you are actively contributing to the health of our planet and inspiring others. Importantly, each piece of litter removed is a step towards our larger goal of a litter-free Luxembourg.

Getting Involved Is Easy

Participating in Grouss Botz 2024 is straightforward and inclusive. Whether you are an individual, a family, a community group, a business, or a school, your contribution is valuable. Therefore, check with your local commune for details on how to participate and more info about locations, times, and materials for cleanup. Not to forget to keep an eye on the key players’s social media in Luxembourg such as Serve The City Luxembourg, PickItUp and indeed Clean Something For Nothing(CSFN).

Volunteers with bags collecting litter in a forest cleanup

Volunteers in Action: A dedicated team cleans up a forest, picking up litter with bags in hand

Safety and Preparation

Above all, safety is our priority during Grouss Botz. We recommend wearing gloves and sturdy shoes, and if you are cleaning near roads, high-visibility clothing is essential. Additionally, the event is carefully planned to minimize disruption to wildlife while ensuring the safety of all participants.

CSFN: Enhancing Grouss Botz 2024

Significantly, the CSFN app plays a pivotal role in Grouss Botz 2024. The app facilitates coordination and tracks the collective impact of our efforts. As such, participants logging their litter collection or signalin illegal dumping for our communes are providing important data on our environment.


In summary, March 16, 2024, offers an opportunity for you to contribute to a movement shaping Luxembourg’s future. Participating in Grouss Botz will not only contribute to a cleaner environment but also demonstrate the effectiveness of working together. We will only make it if we act together. Spead the word and let’s unite for a greener and litter free Luxembourg!