Find your way to clean something for nothing

The CSFN app gives you freedom to post cleanups your own way, you can do them solo, with friends or participate in another group’s litter picking event. Find out all the possibilities you have to participate in cleanups on the CSFN app. We are the tool that allows you to track and manage your cleanups, your team and impact reports while meeting other inspiring litter pickers around you.

SOLO Cleanup

Whenever you want, wherever you want, you do a cleanup on your own

FRIENDS cleanup

You go out with some friends to cleanup your neighbourhood. Post the cleanup and tag them in the app, each of you gets an equal portion of the total.


You do a cleanup on your own and tag a cleanp-group to show respect and love. Your bags collected are added to the total counter of that group.

TRIBE Cleanup

A group of litter pickers gets together for a cleanup and the admin tags every participant of the team. The group gathers all the bags while each participant get his/her portion.


For massive cleanups where various groups get together for a big session. We calculate everything for you, the total collected is splitted equally among the participants. Additionally, each participant from each group, shares their bags to their respective group. CSFN makes this tedious calculation automatically and accurately.

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