May 28, 2024

CarbonCredits podcast 198 – Clean Something For Nothing

Creating community through cleanups: an interview with César

In today’s blog post, we are thrilled to share an insightful interview from the podcast CarbonSessions and César, co-founder of the CSFN app. The CarbonSessions Podcast is produced and edited by Leekei Tang, Steve Heatherington and Rob Slater. This episode talks about community cleanups, fostering a sense of environmental responsibility and community spirit. Let’s dive into the conversation and explore how CSFN is making a difference.

Interviewer: So César, have you experienced any resistance or self-consciousness from people when you organize cleanups?

César: Yes, a bit. When I organize cleanups, I’ve noticed that some people aren’t in the right mindset. They might feel it’s someone else’s job or be unhappy about not being paid. However, once they start participating and see the impact, their perspective often changes. Most of participants come with a smile and the best attitude.

Interviewer: That’s interesting. In some places, like Nigeria, street cleaning is either a job or community service, which might make individuals hesitant to volunteer. However, in Canada, it’s more common for community groups to organize cleanups as bonding activities. This shows the cultural differences in how litter collection is perceived.

César: Absolutely. That’s why the CSFN app is so important. It helps create a sense of community and makes cleaning up fun through gamification and challenges.

Interviewer: Athena brought up an interesting point about cleaning in high-crime areas and its potential impact on crime rates. What are your thoughts on that?

César: It’s fascinating. While we don’t currently differentiate between nature and city cleanups in the app, all cleanups are geotagged. This means we could analyze the data to see if there’s a correlation between cleanups and reduced crime rates. Clean environments can definitely contribute to a sense of well-being and community safety.

Interviewer: Looking at the app’s user base, it seems to be quite diverse, with significant activity in places like Chile, Germany, Israel, and India. How can new users, like those in New York, get started and spread the word?

César: Great question. New users can start by participating in challenges within the app. For example, we could create a “New York City Cleanup Challenge” and invite everyone to pick up 5 pieces of litter each day. Sharing these challenges on social media is easy and helps spread the word. Additionally, users can share their cleanup activities directly from the app, which can inspire others to join.

Interviewer: Can companies and schools also participate in these cleanups?

César: Yes, definitely. We have different profiles for individuals, groups, companies, and even municipalities. Companies can create profiles and engage their employees in team-building cleanups. Schools can also join, fostering a sense of responsibility among students. We even provide detailed reports on cleanup activities, which can be useful for corporate social responsibility (CSR) purposes.

Interviewer: You mentioned future plans to collaborate with companies for additional environmental benefits. Can you elaborate on that?

César: We’re working on a feature where companies can sponsor additional environmental initiatives, like planting trees or restoring coral reefs, based on the amount of litter collected. For example, if you clean up five kilos of litter, a partner company might fund the planting of five trees. This adds another layer of impact to our users’ efforts.

Interviewer: That’s fantastic. It’s a great way to motivate people and amplify the positive impact. For our readers who are interested, how can they get involved?

César: I encourage everyone to download the CSFN app, start participating in cleanups, and share their experiences. You can contact us via email at or through our social media channels. Mention that you heard about us through the Carbon Sessions podcast, and we’ll be happy to assist you.

You can have a listen to the full podcast in this link. Join us in making a difference, one piece of litter at a time.