July 23, 2023

Randy & Kathy 🇺🇸

📍Portsmouth (Rhode Island, US 🇺🇸)
🌲 Many remote areas cleaned up
💚 Now using the CSFN app 📲

We go to Rhode Island 🇺🇸 to e-meet Kathy & Randy @rlmatsch59 an inspiring couple that does litter picking for a long time. They were recently interviewed on the TV thanks to their admirable commitment towards our planet🌏🌲

Who is Kathy and Randy?

“We have been married since 1984. Residents of Portsmouth, RI since 2003, and grandparents to granddaughter Kaelynne
2017 was the beginning of our major commitment to doing everything possible to help save the environment🌲. Wanting to leave a meaningful legacy behind when we are gone from this Earth, we take action now to make a difference for the future.
Began doing independent cleanups♻️ in remote, out of the way areas. Areas not covered by volunteer groups. Areas where litter is decades old and long forgotten”

Why is litter picking important?

“Litter picking became important when we came to the realization that the amount of litter polluting the environment will require much more action by individuals. There are many important reasons:
First and foremost is that our beautiful, one of a kind planet desperately needs help. We are worried for our granddaughter and are very aware of what her generation 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 and the next will face.
Secondly, wildlife are helpless as to what is happening to their habitats. They need us (humans) to protect them. Litter picking/restoring areas gives you great sense of accomplishment and true satisfaction seeing the difference you made. Hoping that our actions inspire others, we post our cleanups on Instagram and Facebook”

Do you know the CSFN App?

“We have downloaded the CSFN app and recently registered our 1st cleanup. We ask to have Galons & Lbs instead of Liters & Kg”

Thank you Randy & Kathy 💚 let’s #CleanSomethingForNothing


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