September 16, 2023

World Cleanup Day 2023 đŸ‡±đŸ‡ș

World Cleanup Day: Luxembourg’s impact in the world

From Luxembourg to the globe, millions of individuals have united for the most impactful day against littering: the World Cleanup Day. This global mobilization, active for the past 5 years, involves 197 countries mobilizes millions of citizens and has made a significant difference in the world. We couldn’t feel more proud to be representing World Cleanup Day(WCD) as the country leaders of Luxembourg.

We’re thrilled to showcase the transformative power of community-led actions, especially from such a small country like Luxembourg.

Here’s a glimpse of the recent cleanups and some of the organizations that made it possible:

  • Silicon Luxembourg in Pafendall’s forest, uniting over startup 20 enthusiasts resulting in 75kg of litter.
  • Serve the City Luxembourg in Hollerich, with more than 45 eco-warriors and 160+ kg of trash collected.
  • Valorlux in Esch Sur Alzette, with 15 dedicated environmental champions we picked up 24kg of dry litter.
Luxembourg community during World Cleanup Day

Community-led cleanups from Luxembourg, making a worldwide difference!

Heartfelt gratitude to everyone who made a difference by participating in this important day. Cheers to a brighter, cleaner future! Our objective for next year is to involve more Luxembourg’s communes on board for the next World Cleanup Day. Imagine the impact we could make together if we mobilize all the municipalities! Let’s do it world!


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