July 30, 2023

Let’s Clean Up Nepal 🇳🇵

📍Anapurna (Nepal 🇳🇵)
🌲 Many trekking trails cleaned
💚 Using the CSFN app 📲😃

Deep in the heart of Nepal’s Annapurna region lies not just breathtaking beauty, but also a passionate group led by Mr. Raj (@sthraj_) of Let’s Clean Up Nepal, dedicated to conserving this picturesque landscape.

About Let’s Clean Up Nepal

Established as a non-profit NGO, Let’s Clean Up Nepal strives for a pristine and pollution-free Nepal. With global volunteer support, they’ve made a remarkable difference since 2017. Their key projects are aimed at eliminating plastic pollution, promoting cleanliness, and increasing environmental awareness.

The Significance of Litter Picking in Nepal

The diverse topography of Nepal, from its towering mountains to serene rivers, is a testament to nature’s grandeur. However, pollution poses a grave threat to these natural wonders. Let’s Clean Up Nepal champions the cause of clean riverbanks, ensuring a healthier environment for both humans and animals. They also vouch for sustainable tourism, urging trekking guides, porters, and visitors to embrace the “pack in – pack out” ethos. Their motto is crystal clear: “Leave Only Footprints On The Mountains And Bring Good Memories With You.”

Through their premier greentrekking agency, Himalayan Green Trips (@himalayangreentrips), they facilitate “Green Trips” across Nepal, combining the thrill of trekking with the noble act of cleaning trails.

A significant part of their initiative revolves around reducing single-use plastic consumption. They not only advocate for reusable bags and bottles but also educate locals about the detrimental impacts of single-use plastics. Moreover, they’re making strides in women empowerment by introducing reusable sanitary products in Nepal’s rural sectors.

Let’s Clean Up Nepal & The CSFN App Connection

Raj expresses his enthusiasm for the CSFN app, a platform aligning perfectly with their mission. “We’re thrilled to join the CSFN community, and we’re looking forward to collaborating with global eco-warriors on this app,” he shares.

#CleanSomethingForNothing 💚

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