January 28, 2024

Unrat Exxe 🇩🇪

📍Badem-Württemberg (Germany 🇩🇪)
♻️ +1000 cleanups since 2020
📱 Using the #CSFN app for 3 months
⚖️ 1480 KG of litter in the app in 97 cleanups

Today we have a special guest from Germany that has been posting 1+ cleanup a day since she first joined the app🌲. We are talking about @unrat.exxe and her personal way of addressing littering🗑with those cute “trash eyes”👀. She prefers to keep a low profile, but you can discover more about her admirable journey below 👇

@unrat.exxe cleaning up in Germany

@unrat.exxe in action during a cleanup

Who is @unrat.exxe?

“I’ve been collecting trash every day since 10.2.2020 without a day off, often with my dog🐕. I’m especially happy when my girl friend comes along and we do activities together. My family is also very supportive.”

Why do you think litter picking is important?

“Picking up trash is one of the easiest ways to do something good🤲. It is environmental protection in action. The collected material can no longer be eaten or injured, it does not turn into microplastics in the soil and does not migrate further into the sea. Every single piece counts♻️. It is important to be seen, to document our efforts. This motivates some people to think about it, to talk about it or to change their behavior. Everyone is free to participate and there is always a good feeling associated with it.”

Your thoughts about the CSFN app?

“Through the app, you have an overview📊 of your own actions as a plogger and it is very exciting to see what is being moved worldwide🌍. A good example of how many small actions can lead to a big movement.”


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