Purpose of Climate Fresk

The Climate Fresk is an innovative workshop created in 2018 to make reputable scientific studies about climate change accesible by the general public in a comprehensive way. The purpose is to raise awareness about the main fundamentals in a fun and collaborative way using the collective intelligence methodology. Up until today, the Climate Fresk has engaged over 6.000.000 participants worldwide, helping them understand the climate change and its impacts. By doing so, participants can enjoy a reveiling experience and take action at their own scale, which is crucial for tackling climate change.

How does it work?

It's organized in a very simple way

  • Setup & discussions

    1h 🕑

    Participants form teams of 4-8 and receive 42 cards based on IPCC reports. They place these cards together on a table to show a cause-effect relationship during a collective intelligence session


    Step image
  • Stimulate creativity

    1h 🕑

    Now it’s time to visually draw all the links among the 42 cards with arrows and see correlations among multiple cards. This step helps to have a very complete overview of the Climate Change situation.


    Step image
  • Takeaways & actions

    1h 🕑

    Participants engage in discussions, sharing insights and exploring collective solutions. This phase fosters actionable commitments to face climate issues together in a positive way.


    Step image

Learnings and outcomes

  • 🌍 Climate Science: Understand the facts behind climate change based on the IPCC conclusions.
  • 📊 Impact Awareness: Learn about the socio-economic and environmental effects.
    💡 Solutions: Discussing strategies to mitigate climate change and reduce emissions.

    By the end of the workshop, participants will be able to:

    🔍 Grasp the key causes and impacts of climate change.
    ⚙️ Identify practical ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
    🌱 Apply climate knowledge in their personal and professional lives.

Why should companies join?

This workshop sparks the urge to step into action. It is the reason why it is overwhelmingly supported by all who have experienced it; from senior decision makers in both economic and political sectors including CEO to Executive Committees of international corporations, as well as Ministers and Members of Parliament. Here’s why your company should get involved:

  1. 🤝 Employee Engagement: Boost team building by involving employees in meaningful activities
    🌟 Company’s Culture: Foster shared values, promoting teamwork and common sustainability goals
    🌱 CSR: Show your commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility and climate action
    📈 Strategic Insights: Empower your team with in-depth factual knowledge to enhance decision-making
    💚 Positive Impact: Contribute to climate awareness and SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals)


Our founder César González Fernández is an official facilitator of the Climate Fresk and an active EU Climate Pact Ambassador. He has extensive experience conducting workshops, including the Waste Fresk, and teambuilding activities for companies seeking to integrate climate education into their CSR programs. 

We prefer to run the Climate Fresk in groups not larger than 16 participants at once (divided in 2 tables of 8 members each.). This ensures a more personalize experience, prioritising quality over quantity and a better flow of the workshop.

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