July 19, 2022

BorderGoly 🇨🇱

📍 Parquemet (Santiago de Chile, 🇨🇱)
⚖️ 784 KG 👜 7800 Lts
Tracked @ CSFN app 📲🌲

This is the story of a man (Goly)🙋🏻‍♂️ and his dog (Samito)🐕‍🦺. They are committed to make an impact and won’t leave any trash🚯 behind, only footprints👣. They come from Chile and almost every morning they go together for a plogging ♻️ run 14 times a week near around their neighborhood and at the natural park of Parquemet (Santiago de Chile)

So far: 90 cleanups 🗑 and 784 KG registered in the CSFN app 📲. What’s more, they’ve been contacted by ELLE Korea and later on featured in 30+ notorious magazines 🗞 worldwide inspiring millions of people all over the world with their story. From South Korea to Slovakia, Indonesia or the Spanish TV.

Their main purpose is simple: taking care of the environment 🏞. They do that raising awareness and showing his dog training sessions 🐕‍🦺 with positive reinforcement. Needless to say that Samito is the most photogenic dog ever! 😊 But the one-man orchestra making this possible is Goly! They way he acts and spreads the message is authentic and special 💚

Thank you Goly for what you do, and thanks to you who reads and cares for this, for a better 🌎 for us all. Life needs a change and it’s happening right now, thanks to each one of us!👨‍👩‍👧‍👦🌲

Let’s #cleansomethingfornothing #CSFN

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