January 11, 2022

Clean Miami Beach 🇺🇸

📍Miami Beach (Florida, EEUU 🇺🇸)
⚖ 385 Lb 👜~1700 Lts (2nd post)

We want to start the 1st post of 2022 with a very special and unconditional 😍 since the beginning of our journey: @cleanmiamibeach 🌊 a worldwide known group among this beautiful community. The person behind is Mrs Sophie 🙋‍♀️, she started this nonprofit organization in Miami Beach ♻️, coming all the way from Germany.

Their main motto is:
“Fall in love with the feeling of giving back & help us protect our environment.” Their beach cleanups 💚 are memorable and we can tell that just by looking at all their events posted on IG (maybe one day our paths will cross to join a cleanup together) She took cleanup organizations to another level including volunteers 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 from City officials, the Miami Beach Police Department, students, teachers, and executives who care about making a difference✌

This is one of the things that inspire us the most about #CleanMiamiBeach since they are doing such an incredible job keeping their community 🌎 and natural habitats free of garbage. They also raise awareness during the cleanups by explaining some sustainable tips and educating 📚 on the negative impact of single-use plastics in our ecology. On top of that they collaborate proposing and supporting local ordinances drawn to protect the natural habitat of the region’s marine wildlife 🐋

We fully relate to their mission: to provide a clean place for our residents and visitors, and a safe environment 🏖 where our beautiful wildlife can thrive.  Sincerely, thank you! Let’s keep doing cleanups, for many more to come until there is no more trash in this World! 🌎💚

We’ll always be here to support like-minded groups like yours 🤜🤛 #cleansomethingfornothing #CSFN

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