August 20, 2021

Beran Paçaci 🇹🇷

📍 Istanbul (Turkey 🇹🇷)
⚖️ ~150 KG 👜 ~1500 Lts

Today we bring to #cleansomethingfornothing Mr. Beran Pacaci (@heveskar) all the way from Turkey! He is a conscious man ♻️ that decided to take action and tackle the litter problem 🌎 leading by exemple. It all began as he relates below 📝⬇️

“I met with a beach cleaning worker (from Pakistan) in Dubai (U.A.E.). After some discussion related to litter on the beach 🏖️, I asked him where I could get a litter picker. He told me that he can provide me one🗑️. It all started like that. When I went back to Istanbul (Turkey), I started this litter collection activity in nature. I went to Maglova Aqueduct, Belgrade Forest 🏞️ and some shores. I always targeted one area that I can clean all by myself. I am doing the best that I can.

I always tell my friends that it is not only picking up one litter from nature. While doing this activity, you see all kinds of litter lying on the ground that you start questioning everything💡 produced and caused by humans. In addition to that you realize how much litter diffuses/spreads on soil or on water 🚰

I have been doing litter collection almost every month/week since 2019. While I am on the field and sweating, I meet with people passing around and I always talk to them 👨‍👩‍👦‍👦. I try to get to know them. I ask questions, they ask questions. We should share the good thoughts 🗣️💚.

We are actually doing one of the most difficult jobs. We are trying to nudge others who have inertia (a tendency to do nothing or to remain unchanged). We are trying to change some minds. We are trying to change their lives.”


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