@heveskar (Istanbul, Turkey 🇹🇷)

📍 Istanbul (Turkey 🇹🇷) ⚖️ ~150 KG 👜 ~1500 Lts Today we bring to #cleansomethingfornothing Mr. Beran Pacaci (@heveskar) all the way from Turkey! He is a conscious man ♻️ that decided to take action and tackle the 🌎 problem leading by exemple. It all began as he relates below 📝⬇️ “I met with a […]

@kamehan_travel (Trujillo, Peru 🇵🇪)

📍 Playa de Huanchaco (Trujillo, Peru 🇵🇪) ⚖️ ~7,5 KG 👜 ~80 Lts (1st cleanup) Lay back and discover how this endearing turtle @kamehan_travel 🇯🇵 started cleaning up the beaches 🏝️ across the World⬇️ “Kamehan 🐢 lived on a small and isolated island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. He was very popular among […]

@haagse_ploggah (The Hague, 🇳🇱)

📍 The Hague (The Netherlands 🇳🇱) ⚖️~3 KG 👜 30 Lts (1st cleanup) Raise your bag! Today it is time for @haagse_ploggah, and his cleanups ♻️ in Holland. He’s an expert in taking cleanup actions to the next level⬇️ He picks up trash in various ways: paddling across the river🛶, running, cycling🚴, jumping on the […]

@ninakraviz (Baikal, Russia 🇷🇺)

📍 Olkhon Island (Baikal, Russia 🇷🇺) 👜 75 Lts (3 bags) We start our blog post 🌎 of cleanups with a very special and inspiring person: Mrs @ninakraviz! Keep on being so authentic ♻️🌲🎧💚 #cleansomethingfornothing #CSFN  This text is taken from her IG profile from 16/09/2019: 💭 RU Есть вещи, которые мы не можем изменить. Но […]

@sabine.hoetzel (Black Forest, Germany 🇩🇪)

📍 Black Forest (Baden Württemberg, Deutschland 🇩🇪) ⚖️~2,5 KG 👜 25 Lts (1st cleanup) Today we present you @sabine.hoetzel from Germany. She’s a member of @worldcleanup 🇩🇪 and has her own vision on how litter is invading our environment 🏞. Know more about this interesting approach here below⬇️ “Invasive species – threats to our environment” […]

@no.trash.run (Uman, Ukraine 🇺🇦)

📍 Uman (Ukraine 🇺🇦) 👜 120 Lts ⚖️~10 KG This time we’d like to present you the cleanup movement @no.trash.run from Ukraine 🌍. Read about their experiences here below 🏞️♻️🌲 “The idea of @no.trash.run is simple – do what you love, for me it’s running, and cleanup the nature. Every time we have walks in […]